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How to Overcome Fear of Flying: Cognitive Hypnotherapy

How to Overcome Fear of Flying: Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever made an excuse to a colleague, work or your family in order to avoid flying somewhere?

When confronted with the prospect of having to fly it can flood you with a surge of anxiety and stop you in your tracks, killing any joy you may have felt at the idea of going away. It can be anxiety inducing enough just even thinking about flying – never mind actually looking at or booking a flight.

Well, there’s good news: getting on a airplane doesn’t have to be a panic-inducing nightmare. With the right therapeutic approach and tools at your disposal, you can easily plan, book flights and enjoy your family holiday, attend crucial meetings overseas or take a trip of a lifetime – all without that crippling anxiety or the need to numb yourself with side-affecting sedatives or copious amounts of alcohol.

In this blog post I’ll take you through Cognitive Hypnotherapy and the simple 4 step process to easily alleviate you from that fear of flying behaviour. Ready? Let’s dive in.


Why You Should Choose Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Why it Works

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a fantastic approach that gets results fast. It works with the part of the mind that stores problems and negative associations and allows you to change how you think. You can read more about Cognitive Hypnotherapy.


The 4 Step Process to Overcome Fear of Flying

Step 1: History Take

This first stage is the most important of all and where we establish the context of your fear and the history around it, the patterns the anxiety takes, exceptions and if there’s been any other influences, for example.

Step 2: Establishing the Root Cause of The Anxiety

Here a range of techniques and interventions are utilised to find the root cause and re-program the mind so that flying or airplanes are no longer perceived as some kind of threat but as something more useful as desired by the client, such as a means of travel to get from A to B, for example.

Step 3. Hypnosis

Suggestions skillfully packed with language, words and metaphors, for example, are delivered within a relaxed setting.  A hypnotherapist doesn’t ‘do’ anything to the client but merely acts as a guide, allowing the client to make the changes they already desire.  Many people enjoy this stage of the process so much they are reluctant to bring it to an end!

Step 4. Skills Training

Throughout the entire process education on anxiety, the fight or flight response and powerful skills and techniques are taught to support the work we do together. You’ll finish up ready to hop on a plane and have a toolbox to take away too.


The entire process can be completed over 3 – 4 sessions depending on the individual, carried out as individual sessions, two double sessions or also within a “breakthrough session’ where the steps are all completed in one go.   (Useful if someone was wishing to overcome their fear of flying phobia at short notice or in a hurry, for example).

The great thing about this process is that is can also be carried out via Skype Hypnotherapy too.


Take Back Control

It’s estimated that over 40% of people have anxiety to varying degrees when it comes to flying. I’ve worked with many forms of fear of flying from people whose fear has been passed down from an anxious parent who had difficulty with air travel and they were witness to this growing up, or people who may have sat next to someone who had a panic attack on a flight, I’ve also seen many people or have been influenced by watching Final Destination type films for example, and many more.

It can be easy to take back control of anxiety with the right approach.



More and more people are turning to healthier and alternative ways to overcome fear of flying rather than rely or tranquilizers or knocking back the booze.   Cognitive Hypnotherapy is one of these ways and packs a powerful and lasting punch to send that anxiety flying off in another direction.


Would you like to learn more or perhaps benefit from a Complimentary Consultation?   I’d love to hear from you, you can reach me at [email protected] or give me a ring today on (+44) 07811 375 632


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