About Cari Wesby: Cognitive Hypnotherapist | Coach | London
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About Cari Wesby

Introduction: Cari Wesby

Recognised as one of London’s leading specialists in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, I help people from all backgrounds to reach their potential by overcoming the obstacles that hold them back in both their professional and personal lives.

Based in the City of London, scores of business professionals, young people, armed forces personnel and famous faces from the world of television, sport and music have all walked through the doors of my Bishopsgate practice.

When they do, they bring with them any number of problems which are quickly and effectively dealt with over just a few sessions, meaning they can walk back out of the door again, and step into whole new levels of performance and success.

My Background

Following extensive training under the tutelage of world renowned practitioners in the fields of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I set up my first practice on Harley Street in London’s West End with one clear goal in mind:

Help others develop their performance, achieve success and enjoy freedom from issues such as addictive behaviours, public speaking, fear of flying, low self-esteem and more.

To that end, I achieve my goals by helping others to achieve theirs. Working with everyone from senior executives struggling with stress and anxiety to TV personalities suffering a crisis of confidence, my reputation grew as a London hypnotherapist who really achieves results and I soon found it was time to spread my wings. As such, I moved closer to the City of London to provide greater convenience for my ever-expanding client base. You’ll still find me there today, working with anyone from the age of eight upwards and setting them on their way to a happier, more fulfilling life.

What I do

I achieve this through three distinct services, all using the same powerful, effective techniques to help people develop new and positive behaviours. Individuals burdened with problems ranging from anxiety to a fear of flying, quitting smoking and more all benefit from my personal one-to-one Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions, whilst my Business Coaching services have seen great success in helping executives, professionals and entire companies develop greater performance and reach their potential. Meanwhile, my Skype Coaching has proven to generate effective results with clients overseas or those simply unable to meet with me in person.

I’m here to help

My success rate speaks for itself. My testimonials page boasts just a small number of the many success stories I’m proud to have been apart of over the years, and yours could be next.

From panic attacks to public speaking, weight loss to confidence issues and more, I’m always available to help no matter what barriers you may face at work, at home or throughout life.

Change How You Think

Learn Valuable Techniques & Skills

Take Back Control

Live A Confident And Happier Life

Make The Change You Need Today and contact me at [email protected] or call me on 020 7099 7786

Contact me today for a free consultation & book a session