Cognitive Hypnotherapy London: Cari Wesby
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Helping You Achieve Your Goals With Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Coaching

The most crucial factor in your success is the rapport, emotional connection and trust with your hypnotherapist or coach.

By taking that first step to get in contact today you can benefit from a complimentary consultation by telephone, or I also have a limited number of face to face consultations available each week, and we can establish if we are a good fit for one another.

Overcome Anxiety with Hypnotherapy in London

Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety can have you feeling out of control. For anyone who’s ever thought, ‘I feel like I’m losing part of my life’, this is for you. By taking that first step to get in touch today you’ll soon be enjoying a much calmer and happier life.

Become More Confident with Hypnotherapy

Improve Confidence

Low self confidence can hold you back from making decisions or taking advantage of opportunities.  It can also create a strategy for failure in all areas of life.  What would you be able to do if you had more confidence?

ome Fear of Public Speaking with Hypnotherapy

Public Speaking with Ease

Most people shy away from public speaking with around 75% of people feeling something between mild resistance and full-blown terror.  Maybe you have experienced nausea, panic or disrupted sleep patterns?

Manage Stress with Hypnotherapy

Beat Stress

Meeting increasing deadlines, expectations from work and keeping up with technology can be overwhelming stressful and have serious implications on your long term health.  Get in touch to nip stress in the bud now.

Contact me today for a free consultation & book a session

Hypnotherapy, NLP & Coaching can help you with:

Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses the most modern knowledge of how the mind works, utilising powerful techniques and interventions from NLP and coaching to achieve powerful and lasting change in often just a few sessions.

Overcome Anxiety

Stop Panic Attacks

Beat Fear Of Flying

Improve Confidence

Beat Fear Of Public Speaking

Overcome Addictions

Stop Smoking

Stop Cocaine Abuse

If you are need help with one of the aforementioned issues then I can help you. Call me on 020 7099 7786 or email me at [email protected].

Contact me today for a free consultation & book a session