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A Powerful Technique for Overcoming Anxiety

A Powerful Technique for Overcoming Anxiety

7:11 Breathing Technique

This is a fantastic, simple and quick technique I regularly teach my clients to help them deal with anything stressful or anxiety related.

It’s also great to use if you want to nip panic in the bud or are having problems sleeping.  You can use it anywhere where you are having difficulty, nerves or anxiety such as on a plane, before a presentation, in bed, before a date, in a crowded place etc.

(Please don’t use it when driving or operating machinery though).

Step 1

Breathe in from the nose counting to 7 seconds (i.e 1 elephant, 2 elephants, 3 elephants etc.)
Imagine you are trying to inflate a ballon from the bottom of your stomach as you do this.

Step 2

Breathe out from the mouth counting for 11 seconds.

A couple of rounds of 7-11 breathing might be enough but repeat as needed to squash those nerves or anxiety, regain control and enjoy feeling calmer.