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Success Stories

Results & Success Stories From Previous Clients

You can find out what previous clients have said about the process they followed by reading some of the testimonials below. All testimonials are 100% genuine.

Hypnotherapy for extreme Flying Phobia

I first came across Cari Wesby when I was faced with the certainty of having to fly to Chicago on business. Up to that point I had very successfully limited my flying in the preceding 16 years to one terror-ridden flight from Edinburgh to London, which to my astonishment, just about managed to stay in the air. So extreme was my fear of flying that I had travelled to the South of France, Ireland and other places in Europe by the skilful use of internet, rail and ferry timetables and the judicious use of outstanding holiday time. It is fair to say that I would find any excuse not to fly. For the Chicago trip, I initially considered all sorts of reasonable ways in which to get out of it – resignation, cross Atlantic cruises either way, crashing the car to end up in hospital and progressed to many other more extreme ways.

The head of HR in the company thankfully offered me a way out – she suggested hypnotherapy. At our first meeting Cari asked me what I wanted to get out the sessions and expected me to say something along the lines of “conquer my fear of flying”, “become functional around flying again” etc. Instead I took the opportunity of a lifetime. I think I said something along the lines of “I don’t think this will work, all I need is a written document to declare me mentally unfit to fly”.

I am the World’s biggest sceptic when it comes to this sort of thing but faced with the prospect of imminent death I opted to try it. Cari was simply magnificent – she is immensely impressive and is exactly the right type of person to put you at ease straightaway. She answered all my inane questions with great patience and forbearance. I booked two double sessions with Cari – the first was for NLP – neuro-linguistic programming and the second was for hypnosis.

The first session was deeply and very relaxing and following the session, a remarkable thing happened – I remembered that I disliked flying but I couldn’t quite recall why, or put my finger on the reasons. I do recall that any stress I felt had completely gone.

The second session actually promised to make me enjoy the experience of flying.

To be honest, when it came to the flights, I can only say that I enjoyed the experience of the flight enormously – so much so that when I had to return to the US the following month I took an active interest in the flight bookings, the in-flight entertainment and other aspects of the flying (something I previously would not even have discussed let alone do) – I even voluntarily booked an internal US flight – now that really shows how well it worked.

Now I simply cannot understand what the fuss was about – the positive aspects of this are the side effects. I use the same techniques for self hypnosis and this helps to keep me completely un-stressed which is an enormous bonus for all aspects of my life.

If you are thinking about hypnotherapy (even if you aren’t) go and see Cari. Truly miracles happen and Cari is a miracle worker.

Hugh McKinney, Head of Public Affairs & Policy – Ruder Finn, London*

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Before my course of treatment with Cari Wesby my life had become a kind of living hell, where I spent almost every minute of the day worrying about whether a panic attack was going to strike out of nowhere – as they already had done before. I would end each day physically and emotionally drained, and my wife, unable to do anything to fix what was clearly very troubling, suffered her own emotional strain as a result.

Even from the first session with Cari, I felt totally reassured that there was light at the end of the tunnel and this knowledge alone lifted my mood considerably and made me feel far more optimistic about being able to live without my anxiety. I feel strongly that the therapy itself has prevented panic attacks from even starting, and in the now rare situations where I would have been liable to be anxious in the past, my response to them has been highly rational, which tends to nip an attack in the bud. It is this new perspective that I believe to be the most powerful tool to deal with my anxiety. Additionally, in my first session I was asked to sum up my anxiety-free self in a few sentences, and the one that has really stuck with me ever since has been: “I can do whatever I want.” Periodically, this statement comes to mind and I find it immensely empowering.

The result of my treatment has been a welcome return to feeling ‘normal’ again. I’m back to being myself, which is a positive, cheerful individual who enjoys life. Throughout the process, Cari was an enormous help in many ways. She is an exceptional listener; she reassures and helps you feel positive; she has a mellifluous, soothing voice; and she helps you make strides in your recovery with each session. In short, this therapy has brought the light back into my life and put a smile on my face again.

Dominic Fennell, Lecturer, London*

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking

I have suffered with a stammer all of my adult life and found it difficult to stand in front of large audiences to speak. In normal life I also found it difficult to join in normal conversations if there were more than a few people involved. There could be a complete block on getting out words or certain letters.

I was taken into a very relaxed state by Cari but was always in control. The relaxation allowed me to answer questions from a long time ago and got to the root causes of my problem with speaking.

I was given greater confidence to face difficult situations. A few weeks after the sessions I had to stand and speak in front of 300 people at a conference held at Westminster Hall in London. This went very well and I was able to give a 25 minute talk with barely a pause and absolutely no sign of a stammer. The process of hypnotherapy really works and is a great source of relief and gives tremendous confidence to me in stressful situations. I am thankful to Cari and her methods of hypnotherapy in a safe and caring environment.

Chris Goff, Company Director, London*

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Cari – you have changed my life……thank you!

I was smoking up to my hypnosis session and after going through it I haven’t had so much as a craving since and it has been nothing but a brilliant experience! I was very nervous about giving up smoking because I didn’t think I would cope but to my surprise I was amazed that all the cravings went away. I feel so relieved that I am finally free from that disgusting habit after 20 years!! Before coming to see you I did try a number of methods to kick smoking from patches to cold turkey and none of them worked and lead to me being depressed, snappy and climbing the walls in pure torture until I eventually went back to smoking…

I now know I am never going to go back to smoking and it’s all thanks to you. I loved your calming influences in my hypnosis session – you gave me the right tools to beat my addiction. I feel like a new person. Thank you again.

Elaine, London*

Hypnotherapy for Work Place Stress

I visited Cari Wesby for help with an issue that had been bothering me for some time and I had heard from a friend that hypnosis could be an effective solution. Cari was very friendly and welcoming, she explained the process and how and why it was going to work. The sessions themselves were very relaxing and calming but the overall effects were astonishing – I am totally stress free all the time and do not unduly worry or suffer from any stress related issues in my daily life.

This has made work life especially much more manageable and enjoyable. I can now wholeheartedly throw myself into projects which previously I may have hesitated to get involved with.

I am not really sure what hypnosis can or can’t do to resolve issues and problems but for me it completely removed any negative stress from my life. If you are suffering from stress, and it is impacting your life and you want to do something about it – speak to Cari.

HM, London*

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Changing life long behaviours is something that something that is not easy to do. The easiest path is always the one of least resistance. A few months ago I was at my wits end feeling really overweight and not liking my body very much at all. I lacked in confidence and started dreading going out because I was embarrassed that I had put on weight and what my friends would think, even though I know they wouldn’t ever judge me.

Meeting Cari and having the regression and hypnotherapy sessions helped me to put to bed my demons about over eating triggers and also help to realign my way of thinking about food. I now feel freer and so much lighter in weight! Thanks so much!

Claire, London*

Hypnotherapy for Train & Plane Phobia

Before going to see Cari, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety due to being under a lot of pressure and stress, this manifested itself in anxiety around travelling by plane and tube, and got to the point where I began limiting where I went. I was also plagued with the irrational thought that I was going to die soon from a terminal illness. I got to the point where I’d had enough and I wasn’t willing to let my anxiety get the better of me anymore, so I had booked a session with Cari.

During the session, we spent some time talking through what I was stressed/worried about and she helped me put things into perspective and visualise a positive outcome to the worries I had. We also worked on some NLP and hypnotherapy, and Cari equipped me with some useful tools, that helped me switch my state of mind from negative/worrying into positive/optimistic.

I left the session feeling energised and as though someone had turned off the ‘anxiety switch’ in me and replaced it with a ‘happy go lucky’ feeling. A few days later, I took a long tube ride, which normally would have taken me twice as long to drive there. I used some of the techniques Cari had shown me, and I made the journey and felt a real sense of achievement afterward. I feel confident that I am able to carry on using the tube and travelling by plane without enduring a panic attack.

I have also started to plan for my future, visioning a positive outcome to the issues I was facing. I feel a sense of freedom now, and that I can do anything and go anywhere.

I would highly recommend Cari, she is extremely professional and skilled, and makes you feel totally at ease. She set me on a new path, without my anxiety monster and instead with optimism and a set of techniques to control my feelings.

Kelly, London*

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Depression

Before starting hypnotherapy I was very anxious and depressed. I carried a lot of resentment, stress, fear, anxiety and negativity. I was very insecure and uncomfortable in my own skin. I felt like an opened wound struggling to heal. I really learnt alot from the sessions we shared together. I learnt to not accept invitations for arguments – currently I actually have very little arguments with people. I also learnt another tool from Cari which has helped me a great deal when it comes to changing negotiations or dealing with a confrontational or difficult person. One that I share with many friends which deals with tapping certain points on the parts of the body a few times it basically helps to change thought patterns so if one is feeling tired or anxious before a meeting it can help a great deal and it actually works. The other tool I almost forgot was visualisation I know it sounds weird for some but it helps a great deal to use it, I find it amazing.

There is more cooperation and positivity between my ex and I. I have to say that he doesn’t know how to get me upset any more. I have to say regarding my childhood and depression I feel that a lot of the learnings I received from Cari as a product of the sessions has helped me heal a great deal, specially in my relationship with my self and others but mostly I just love myself and life more and I’m attracting lots of positive things in my life from the smallest to the most exciting I think I just get over things more easily and have a more positive outlook in life.

I just want to say I recommend this therapy to anyone – I wish I could have more of it in the near future. I just wish more people would know about it. I feel really healthy and positive and this feeling gets renewed somehow every morning. I recently stopped smoking for 8 days, so far cold turkey, I think it’s great to just try something new. I am still paranoid about someone hypnotising me and maybe just feeling this person has control over me. But all paranoia aside this therapy really has changed my life for the better, in so many ways. I feel really good and happy inside and I haven’t felt like that since I was a child. I am making better choices and decisions. I look ahead and the future is bright! So thanks Cari, I hope I can train one day so I can hypnotise myself any time necessary…

Odete Daniel, London*

Hypnotherapy to Improve Confidence

Before therapy I was not confident and not approaching my move to another country with any positivity and this was affecting me in a big way. My first session with Cari was incredible, because I opened up and told her everything that I was feeling inside me and I felt so ok telling her this. She was very understanding of my situation. The second session also was also life changing because I discussed past situations which affected my confidence and she showed understanding and willingness to listen. The third session was full of positivity and she helped me focus on the positives in life and my move to Spain. I am now in Spain and feel confident and am positive in anything that comes my way. For this I am grateful to Cari.

Nemesio – Engineer, Spain*

Hypnotherapy for Performance (Sexual)

I left each hypnotherapy session elated, full of new personal discoveries and techniques to practice to overcome the issues of fear and anxiety I went to Cari to address. It felt like a big step to contact her but she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and seemed to know exactly how to help me – in only 4 sessions my whole outlook changed and I no longer feel I have a problem. It’s like Cari facilitated a whole journey of self discovery for me, from finding the roots of the problem, to letting go, putting things in perspective and building new positive ways of being and thinking. She equipped me with a whole array of techniques I still use to help me let go of my fear, including visualisation, relaxation and tapping. I have a lot to thank her for.

Laura, Actress, London*

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking Cannabis & Cigarettes

A friend suggested I see Cari when I was learning to drive. I had tried once before and was too terrified to take my test as I found driving really stressful, so I needed to do something to overcome my fears and feel calmer about the whole experience. My sessions with Cari were incredibly useful, I felt calm and relaxed after each one and she gave me lots of useful tools to bring on that feeling and to generally feel more positive and in control when needed.

As a result I managed to put my fears behind me and passed my text first time!!

Cari is professional yet friendly and encouraging and immediately puts you at ease. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

S Davenport, London*

Hypnotherapy for Driving Test Anxiety

I had been smoking cigarettes and cannabis since 1986, well over 25 years. I have tried on numerous occasions to give up smoking from going cold turkey right the way through to Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), all of which lasted no longer than 3 days before I would fall back under the spell of the devil’s weed. However I have just turned 40, and up until this point I have been taking my health for granted, so I decided I needed to take a stand and take back control of my life, I knew NRT would not work as “A problem cannot be solved from the same state of consciousness it was created in”, so having dabbled in the past with Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) and meditation through my work in sales, I decided to give Cognitive Hypnotherapy a try. I searched all over the internet and did my due-diligence and decided to give Cari Wesby a call.

I rang her up and she told me about her way of doing things and why she was successful at doing it, I was sold, so I arranged an appointment to see her in Clerkenwell, London, just round the corner from where I worked. To be honest I did not know what to expect as this was all new to me but I decided to go with the flow and see where it led me. I sat down and Cari asked me a lot of questions about why I wanted to give up smoking and what was my main motivation behind it, what my habits were with smoking and also the tricks the mind plays into thinking that you are a non-smoker but in fact you’re not. Cari wrote down loads of info about me and then I sat back in a reclining chair. I was asked to start deep breathing and to close my eyes, then Cari asked me to visualise a line in my mind, and she then took me down the line, right back to when I first started smoking and I could see myself as a young kid behind the bike sheds at school having my first fag, so surreal it was, then I was asked to go to the future and I could see my self as a sixty year old man who was suffering from severe cannabis psychosis and bronchitis problems. Cari then relayed all the information back to me which I told her at the beginning of the session.

I honestly thought this was only about ten minutes long, apparently not it lasted like 45 minutes. When I woke up, I felt all tripped out but I was aware of everything that was said to me; being hypnotised was not what I thought it was where people can make you do things that you don’t want to do. Cari also told me that the cravings and anxiety attacks may still come over the next few days but just to accept it and it will pass in time and not to act out on the cravings. I paid my money over and left, as I walked back to the station I cried my eyes out, I really don’t know what for, I wasn’t sad or angry, but I just wanted to cry.

The next day, I noticed that the times when I would normally have a spliff or cigarette, I didn’t have the urge at all to smoke, in fact the first 48 hours the craving attacks came and passed and I still did not want to smoke at all, which proves to me that for a person who has smoked for over 25 years, this is nothing short of a miracle. I now know that I have taken my life back and I will never ever smoke anything ever again, and thanks to Cari this has been made possible.

If you are serious about giving up smoking and you want to go down the Hypnotherapy route, then Cari Wesby is the person to go to, you couldn’t be in better hands. Thanks again for everything.

Jay Gordon, Director, London*


Whilst I commit to giving you 100% of my effort and expertise, I can’t guarantee a success as results may vary from person to person. I therefore strongly recommend you avoid anyone offering a guarantee.

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