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Watch out for the Blue Tree!

Watch out for the Blue Tree!

If you’re someone that likes to keep an eye on their figure, you’re no doubt familiar with the push and pull you can get when loosing weight. Perhaps after each weekend, you might say to yourself – “right, don’t have any more chocolate / wine during the week / carbs in the evening” – or something similar.

By saying to yourself “don’t have” what you are doing is putting the very thing you are trying to avoid the most right at the forefront of your mind. So what you get is that annoying pattern where you’re trying not to think of something (like chocolate) but find that you can’t stop thinking about it. Sound familiar?

This is called the Blue Tree Syndrome. If I tell you not to think of a blue tree, guess what happens? Exactly – you think of a blue tree!

So, instead of thinking about what not to have – focus on the positive – what you will have as an alternative.

An example could be, “I eat a in a healthy and balanced way – I’m in the process of achieving my ideal weight”.

Easy weight loss can be as simple as changing the way you speak to yourself.