Invasion of cannibal spiders hits UK - Cari Wesby
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Invasion of cannibal spiders hits UK

Invasion of cannibal spiders hits UK

There’s been much in the press recently about the invasion of tube spiders in the UK, and I really feel for the family in Cardiff who have had over 100 tube spiders take up residence in their home and garden, eeek!

Tube spiders, one of the largest type in the UK, with a bite that feels like a sting from a bee, are currently invading Britain, munching up smaller arachnids as they go.

I regularly get enquiries for spider phobia (Arachnophobia), which is very common. No wonder since we are hardwired to avoid things that move quickly and unpredictably, nor are we fans of things with dark colours and angular legs.

With a phobia, characteristics can be seen as greatly magnified, seeing the creature as much bigger than it actually is, more menacing, there might be a big focus on eyes or fangs for example, or even seeing things that aren’t really there – making the whole experience downright petrifying for the individual.

It’s also very common if a parent or sibling had a spider phobia that this is passed down.

The good news is that spider phobia is easy to treat, often in just a session.

If you would like to get rid of a spider phobia I can help at my London City office, so please do get in touch with Cari Wesby on:

07811 375 632 or email me at [email protected]