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Help with Stoptober – Stop Smoking in London

Help with Stoptober – Stop Smoking in London

Top Tip for Managing Cigarette Cravings + Offer for Stoptober with a £50 discount!

Have you committed to the 28 day challenge for the month of October?  How’s it going – are you finding it easy or are you a little tense and cranky as you try to keep your mind occupied and those pesky cravings at bay?

If you are struggling with cravings be mindful that they will pass and use this great technique to keep them under control:

7 – 11 Breathing

  1. Breathe in from the nose, inflating the bottom of the belly as you do so, counting for 7 seconds
  2. Breathe out from the mouth, counting for 11 seconds
  3. Notice how much calmer you feel afterwards and repeat as needed

As a happy ex-smoker (who gave up smoking through Cognitive Hypnotherapy – you can read an earlier blog post on this too) I really love helping other people become happy ex-smokers too.

Over the years I’ve literally helped hundreds of people easily quit smoking at my London City office.   Many of these people had previously tried various programs, books and courses only to be left disappointed, frustrated and out of pocket.

Only 1 session of around 2 hours is all it takes to successfully give up smoking like all the others and you could be next.

Stop Smoking with Cognitive Hypnotherapy is for you if you want to:

  • Stop smoking in 1 session
  • Stop smoking easily with minimum fuss
  • Springboard your confidence to go out and achieve new and wonderful things
  • Learn some great tools and techniques you can use in everyday life
  • Save money with a £50 discount for the month of October

You can find out more by getting in touch for a completely free, no obligation phone consultation by contacting me at [email protected] or calling 07811 375632.